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A virtual-reality film festival – SFGate

A virtual-reality film festival The inaugural Kaleidoscope Virtual Reality Film Festival drops into San Francisco — fleetingly — at Public Works on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The festival pays special attention to the works of independent artists. “We don’t really know the grammar for virtual-reality cinema,” says Kaleidoscope co-founder René Pinnell. […] I think it’s these artists who are going to discover what this new cinematic language is because they’re taking big risks. If 3-D is embraced by artists as a more immersive experience than standard dimensionality, imagine the possibilities of an experience that is not just the normal viewing angle of a screen, or even the 360 degrees of a circle, but the 129,600/pi square degrees of a sphere. Entries such as “Tana Pura” take full advantage by floating the viewer in space as ribbons of color develop like fireworks. Pinnell also cites a documentary premiering at the festival about the 7/7 bombing in London called ‘Witness 360.’ Of these, “Citizenfour,” “Interstellar” (for visual effects) and “Whiplash” got Oscar love. “Force Majeure” may have been the best foreign-language film. […] how in the world did Jake Gyllenhaal not get nominated for his career-best, deeply creepy work in “Nightcrawler”? “John Wick” is evidence that there should be an Oscar category for stunts (think about it — why not?), and David Fincher’s deadpan style made “Gone Girl” into twisty fun. […] take a deep breath after emerging from immersion in summer blockbusters — and fall back into the loving arms of the autumn release slate. “Maze” is just the latest dystopian young adult property to become a successful film franchise, but let’s be honest — it’s just keeping seats warm until the arrival of The Hunger Games: […] match wits with Matthew Berry and his Fantasy Movie League (http://fantasymovieleague) gang and guess which ones left on the release slate will join that pantheon. Kaleidoscope Virtual Reality Film Festival:

Source : A virtual-reality film festival – SFGate

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