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Bublcam 360° Test Video at the Waterfall

Nearly 2 years ago I backed the Bublcam on a Kickstarter campaign and after many delays I finally received it.

My plan was to use it for VR 360 Videos, but unfortunately the quality of the video is not good enough for that :/ really poor frame rate at the moment and I had many problems with the Android App who crash every minute and make the use of the cam not so friendly at the end.

The last point is now some probleme with the battery, received this email on 1st October :

If the Bublcam battery dies and is not recharged for 15 days or longer, it can result in permanent damage and may not boot up. To maintain optimal performance of the battery, please ensure you charge the Bublcam fully within 15 days of the battery dying.

Please note: The Bublcam also needs to be fully charged at least once every 60 days to guarantee the health of its battery.

The next test will be with the Sphericam 2 who should meet the requirement for VR, but i prefer to wait to see it and test it to be sure, will give you a feedback in December !

You can have a look on the Bublcam video bellow to see how it looks like :


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