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Just in time for Halloween “MEET THE FAMILY” – A VR SHORT FILM_ Download link


Just in time for Halloween, award winning production studio, Exzeb, supported by UNIT9 Presents, has launched a VR film journey into the lives and minds of a creepy, cryptic virtual family. Written and directed by Exzeb Co-founder and Artistic Director, Eric Nyira, “Meet The Family” takes to task the true emotional impact a headset-powered VR experience can have on a user. Created using binaural sound and real time dynamic lighting to explore a series of complex environments and 3 distinct characters that reside within them, “Meet The Family” looks to evoke the true power behind the most basic of human emotions – pleasure, joy, wonder, fear, stress and rejection.

The film was created to view on the Oculus Rift DK2 headset and can be downloaded from its dedicated microsite.”

“I am deeply intrigued by the science of human behavior and wanted to find a way to trigger people’s emotions and reactions within an immersive and exploratory virtual atmosphere,” explains Nyira. “VR has this unparalleled ability to captivate 100% of a user’s attention, and when properly manipulated, can speak directly to the primal brain unlike any other tech platform out there. This film was a true exercise in seeing just how far we could take that.”

“Exzeb transforms virtual reality as a stage to explore imaginary worlds with our emotions,” says Gilles Boisselet, Creative Partner at UNIT9.  “As a choreographer, Eric adds a physical narrative inherent to live art which express brilliantly in VR. Respect.”

About Exzeb
Exzeb is a daring production studio founded on the unwavering belief that Virtual Reality can shake your emotional core, elicit unprecedented visceral reactions and defy the unimaginable. We exist to produce authentic work that gets noticed, ties in with multi-layered creative strategies and considerably alters behavior.

About UNIT9 Presents
UNIT9 Presents is a platform created by UNIT9 to support independent and innovative projects, which stimulate and push boundaries

About UNIT9
UNIT9 is an innovative production studio. We create cultural trends for brands. Our studio is a breeding ground of disciplines with a common vision to achieve ground-breaking marketing experiences & create new audiences.Our talent roster includes film directors, innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, art directors, designers and producers – delivering installations, events, social films, VR content, games & digital campaigns.

CREATIVE CREDITS: “Meet The Family” VR Film – Created by Exzeb in partnership with UNIT9 Presents.

Producer: Exzeb
Director: Eric Nyira
Writer: Eric Nyira
Composer: Benjamin Vandenbroucke
Executive Producer: Exzeb

3D Artist: Maxime Parata
Sound Design: Matthieu Michaux
Developer: Aurelien Venard
Soundtrack: Plan Orsec
Marketing Producer: Geraint Smith

The demo for oculus is here

Trailer :


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