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Wow ! impressive VR360 from Castrol !

Really impressive 360° experience with Virtual Drift 360 °

The Castrol EDGE virtual reality helmet integrates OCULUS RIFT Development Kit 2 headset technology into a SPARCO engineered fiberglass helmet. Connected to a computer within the car, this unique piece of wearable technology enables a driver to race a real performance vehicle like never before, in a fully immersive virtual world.

Direct link for the experience :

virtual drift

Virtual Drift calls on one man to take on a world-first Titanium Trial, using ground-breaking technology to push the boundaries of performance driving. 

Wearing a specially designed Virtual Reality helmet, driver Matt Powers will race a real car in a menacing virtual world, while all the time driving blind to the real world.  

Powers will need to rely on his instincts and the performance of his vehicle like never before to survive the virtual course and escape the world, in this ultimate demonstration of man and machine in sync. 

Powered by Castrol EDGE with Fluid Titanium Technology, it’s time for our driver to step up, push it and BE TITANIUM STRONG. 

More details about how was made this 360 :

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