News Ticker is the place to go if you are looking for 360°VR Videos (for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive,Gear VR,Cardboard..)

Few word from Reneil concerning this awesome 360° videos community  : 

On our community collects awesome 360 degree videos for google cardboard, oculus rift and other virtual reality devices.

We have gathered around 500 videos since october this year that were viewed around 15.000 times.

Briefly after releasing the website we put an android app into the playstore that has been downloaded 400 times – iOS will be released soon. (

At the moment there is a public video import mechanism for youtube, an internal playlists management for those videos and a smart news tool. Importing content from other video platforms will be supported in the near future and a user login is going to be released for making personal playlists and further user related features possible.
We are preparing for VR going mainstream next year and want to deliver a well filtered experience for those who want to jump into the deep ocean of virtual reality or sometimes take a dive there.

logo 360tv

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