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An eye on Truvision the Virtual Reality Company dedicated to architecture

TruVision create fully immersive 3D environments developed from architectural plans which can be experienced through virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. Experiencing a structure in virtual reality allows you to grasp a sense of scale that a flat architectural blueprint or 2D image rendering simply cannot provide. It also gives the opportunity to spot any issues with the structure before its built, avoiding costly post-build alterations.

In addition to virtual reality experiences, we also offer many options to tailor your projects including video walkthroughs for promotional purposes or bespoke interactions allowing you to customise your structure.

TruVision delivers a cutting edge service combining precise architectural drawings with realistic virtual reality environments giving you a true sense of scale and feel for your structure. Besides our excellent quality work, our fantastic customer service and support will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Working with professionals in the architecture industry demands 100% accuracy and the highest levels of quality. These are standards we enforce in not only the virtual reality environments we create, but also the relationships we have with our clients. With this in mind, we will provide you with the best product and a first class customer service.

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 Contact Details :

Connor Handley-Collins, Sales and Marketing Director
Tel: 07976555681
Facebook: /truvisionvr
Twitter: @truvisionvr
Instragram: @truvisionvr

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