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Iron Archeologyst is the first VR archaeological adventure based in the deep sea of the 19th century

IRON ARCHEOLOGYST is an archaeological adventure based in the deep sea of the 19th century, completely tailored to virtual reality. IRON ARCHEOLOGYST puts the game ends in a non-linear expedition to a sunken ruins of an old city. The player controls in IRON ARCHEOLOGYST a special diving suit with various features and limitations. At various stages of the expedition of IRON ARCHEOLOGYST the player is connected to either a submarine, which provides resources available to him, or to fend for themselves with limited resources.

You can help them with the crowdfunding :

Few words from Kim Sofer Matthias about the project and virtual reality :

Virtual Reality is an entirely new representation of principle, the new rules in the creative as well as technical implementation is required. We are a team of industrial designers, who come from the 3D modeling and game design, architecture, game programming and the advertising film. Our fascination with virtual reality is for many years already been driving its own development, in which we are now working together since 2013. The future possibilities, which is at rest in a technically high-quality 360 ° display all previous in the shadows, are already real and doable for us. Our goal is to develop a perfect simulation, the classic gaming principles will be picked up again and made tangible for the experienced, as well as for the new gamers in a completely new way. We know that not only gamers, but VR fans, technology and experience enthusiasts, as well as representatives from education, training and medical care (therapy) will soon make use of this deeper VR technology in other applications use, relying on our experience supports. Therefore, our simulation is already the new beginning of an entirely new world incipient digital world of experience.

To produce a novel VR experience as IRON ARCHEOLOGYST timely and high quality, we need your support. Since we as a developer in addition to our know-how to spend our entire working time for this four-part episode story, it would be just in our state something special when the cost would be co-financed by the currently exisiting vrgame community that uses virtual reality already, having to be dependent without a major distribution channel. A long-term commitment between us and you is very important to us because we place great value on being able to make implementation possible wishes and suggestions from you, depending on complexity in programming, in this project incorporated with.

Every cent which will reach us through the crowdfunding and put through the commitment of our existing partners in the project, which featured in the video development team and the resulting product IRON archeologyst benefits. To get the first hundred donors who are willing to 150 euros or more to invest as a donation to our project, the first exclusive game app IRON archeologyst a VR ONE / ZEISS – VR goggles + Tray, and access to exclusive content, the declared work behind the scenes and the respective center of gravity and represents.

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  1. Great article. Love it !


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