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“Chennai Floods Aftermath“ VR documentary takes you to the deluge that put one of the fourth largest city in India to a stand still !

“Chennai Floods Aftermath“ VR documentary takes you to the deluge that put one of the fourth largest city in India to a stand still. Loss of property range from US$7 billion to US$15 billion, highest in 2015.

The documentary is intended to generate funds for the flood victims and to depict the situation after the floods water had receded. It talks about the reasons behind the floods, rescue and relief during the event and the impact of the devastation.

Through the documentary we also want to raise a question that “if this disaster was man­made?” and if so who should be held responsible for this.As the fact suggest apart form the El­Nino cyclone there were other reasons for such devastative consequences of the floods. like ill management of the reservoirs, uncontrolled urbanization, and diminishing of marshlands. The level of water reached 5 to 6 meters in some areas after 30000 cusec of water was released in 12 hours from one of the reservoirs.

Liminal is a Mumbai based Virtual Reality production house formed in Nov 2015. We aim to give end to end solution to Virtual Reality content development through innovative shooting and editing techniques. We are focusing on utilizing the maximum potential of the medium by implementing new storytelling methods.

The world has come a long way from theaters, books, cinema, T.V to Virtual Reality and this will keep evolving with time. In terms of storytelling I think the most primitive technology which we have still preserved are Dreams. And VR is about creating these dream spaces. We are experimenting with different styles of storytelling with VR and also working on block diagrams and storyboarding to contribute to the grammar of VR.

Liminal Media Productions was founded by Saurabh Ranjan and Manish Bhanushali with an ISB graduate Business analyst Aditya Bhairi.

For 2016 we are have plans to produce cinematic VR experiences by integrating both photorealistic and 3D rendered spaces. We are also working on technologies like photogrammetry and its implementation in VR. Apart from cinematic VR we are also looking forward to create unique VR experiences for hospitality, tourism, advertisement and event industries.

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