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Collaborative VR experiment with multiple Valve/HTC Vive headsets

Recently we had the opportunity to play with two Valve/HTC Vive headsets and controllers so we opted to experiment a bit for a few days.

Since I strongly believe the Virtual Reality revolution needs a social element in order to really take of we implemented the following things to play with:

– multi user collaborative experience
– interaction with virtual objects using Vive’s hand controllers
– implemented using two (networked) machines running Unity
– a live pointcloud of the users streamed in over the network

Note that in this example both users are in the same physical space, but we’ve designed all components so everything can be done over an internet connection (about 5 Mbpsneeded).

R&D project by:
Jasper Brekelmans……………(po­intcloud streaming & Unity integration)
Jeroen de Mooij…………….(U­nity networking & scene design)


Thanks to:
Adriaan Rijkens…
Marald Bes…………
Erwin Kho…………

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