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CLIPVR: The Virtual Reality Mobile Accessory For Everyone

Mobile VR is an ever growing market with a plethora of new apps and innovations every day. Coming soon to this market is ClipVR, a brand new mobile VR device designed for accessibility and affordability. Taking influence from products such as Google Cardboard, ClipVR is approaching the virtual reality space with a refreshing, unique, minimalist design. This simple design offers users the highest ease of access when transporting or using the device.

ClipVR is composed of two high density plastic or aluminum pieces, the phone clip and the viewport. Both pieces hold strong magnets which allow users to simply pull apart to travel with or push together to use. The team believes that virtual reality is something everyone should be able to experience and have created their product to be compatible with ANY and ALL smart phones out there. Simply clip to your phone, hold to your face, and enter VR.


The ClipVR team is taking their sleek and simple product to IndieGoGo early next month so head over to and sign up to be one of the first to experience the new wave of casual VR.

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