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How To Play PC Games With VR Google Cardboard as an Oculus ?

Maybe this could interest some of you who own a cardboard, you may give a try and use your cardboard on your Pc like it’s an Oculus. Lite version is time restricted to 15 minutes per session but it let you some time to test it and have an idea how it works. If you try it i would be happy to have your feedback on it
How to proceed :
– You will need to install the free PC server:
– This app is under development. There are frequent updates with improvements and bug fixes. Use the forums for support: streams video to your Android device, and head tracking data to your PC so that you can play your favorite computer games in a VR enhanced way.
Combining the Android device you already have and a headmount like Google Cardboard (or any other currently available) you can enjoy a Virtual Reality experience similar to that of dedicated systems, at a fraction of the cost.Lite version is time restricted to 15 minutes per session. You can also activate a full version trial, without such limitation.

Instructions on how to use, as well as server app download can be found at
Please contact me or visit the forum ( if you are having issues with the app. Like TrinusVR? show it on facebook!

– Wireless video streaming, allowing complete freedom of movement. Or…
– USB streaming, for improved performance
– Sensor data streaming for headtracking. Currently supporting mouse emulation, FreeTrack/TrackIR VR protocol or use of external tools (opentrack or FreePie)
– Fake 3D (for games not supporting stereoscopic mode)
– Adjustable lens barrel distortion to match your specific headmount lenses

– Fast phone and Windows PC
– Google Cardboard or similar (there are plenty of good quality headsets available)
– The server app, which you can download from here:
If is down for some reason, you can directly download the TrinusVR server app from the following location:

1 Comment on How To Play PC Games With VR Google Cardboard as an Oculus ?

  1. I made a video tutorial on this back in September. The only issues myself and some viewers had was the want and need to use the mouse head tracking and the controller. some games allow you to use both while others disable one or the other.

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