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Box VR : How to get your body into VR with a simple Google Cardboard and a Kinect integration

ARLOOPA is always trying to be innovative and cool. Working in partnership with X-TECH (which is experienced Kinect Development Company) we have created unique VR experience with integration of Kinect hardware.

We were always wondering how to bring natural gesture control to VR.

So we decided to try the game experiences that you were not able to enjoy with a touchpad or a game controller.

We decided to go forward with BOX VR experience and use the Kinect to transfer body into VR, and capture real punches.

Special module was developed to transfer data between PC and Mobile phone which is running VR the experience (Boxing training hall with virtual punch bag)

First of all you will have to scan the QR code provided by the PC module to synchronize the game mobile app with the PC app, after that all your movements are transferred from the PC to the Mobile.

Box VR

Imagine… we have all data which are captured by Kinect, then all your body movements are getting transferred into your mobile. Your arms are showing in VR real time, and once you are punching the bag we are calculating physics and showing it in VR mode.

This is an awesome experience and it’s available on Google play and the game it’s free.

As a result we got your body to get into VR with a simple Google Cardboard without any additional controls and you are not bounded with an Oculus VR rope.

We hope Microsoft and Google will pay some attention to this unique VR experience and that we can develop much more with this integration.


Arman Atoyan

Co Founder, CEO


1 Comment on Box VR : How to get your body into VR with a simple Google Cardboard and a Kinect integration

  1. i just tried the cardboard vr and i also had this idea but using 2 kinects like they do for motion capture using software called brekel should give more immersion if u have a tutorial on how you did this would love to try in unity as i have a cardboard vr game in progress


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