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World in 360° is using 360 Video Technology to bring adventures to orphanages, hospitals, inpatient care centers, and schools

World in 360 is a program that uses Virtual Reality to allow those with limiting factors to participate in experiences they would never imagine possible ( We record real world adventures using 360 Video technology and upload it into Virtual Reality Headsets that we then bring to orphanages, hospitals, inpatient care centers, and schools. The purpose of the program is to share the experiences we have as the human species with each of our members, no matter what those experiences are.

world in 360

Few words from Milosz Pierwola the explorer who launched this experience :

My name is Milosz Pierwola and I am an explorer, but I never believed I could be one. After coming from Poland when it was under communism, I was a struggling immigrant and grew up believing that we all had to do things even if we did not want to; and that was life. However, one day I realized that life is beautiful and that all the things that we hear about in faraway places are true. After leaving everything behind, I found an indescribable happiness in reaching the places that I once only dreamed of or watched movies about.

Each of these experiences was indescribable and every time I wished that I could share with others what I was feeling. This is why I began to take photos, video, and write about my journeys. But, it never communicated the freedom and joy I felt of being able to do these things; dog sledding under the Aurora Borealis, surfing big waves, scuba diving in caves, and so much more! That is, until now, and the best part is I can share with individuals who will appreciate it the most.

With Virtual Reality, I can bring those experiences in the most immersive way to those who are physically incapable, or ill, or simply need the inspiration to start their own adventures in life. For the first time, every person who puts on these headsets can be there with me. To see the smile spread across the faces of the people we touch is the same feeling I have when I get to be there myself for the first time. I am grateful to see that we can do this today, and I cannot believe that everything I have ever wanted to share is now available to those with whom I never thought sharing was possible.

That is what World in 360 is about, sharing life. I have and continue to face the greatest challenges to achieve my dreams and I will share the beautiful result of that effort with those who appreciate it the most. I do this on my own time and for free, and I hope you can join me one day and see the joy it brings to those who participate.

world in 360

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