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How was made the VR Tour of Veranópolis in Brazil, a 3D reconstruction of the central square

How this virtual tour was made ? Few more details about it with Jonathan :

The Virtual Tour of Veranópolis is a 3D reconstruction of the central square of Veranopolis, small city in the south of Brazil and the hometown of one of our team’s 3D modeler.

This project was born as a pilot to test our working abilities and team coordinance. The idea came through a previous simplier project of the Aloysius Gonzaga Church, mostly because of our accordance in developing a project with a brazilian scenario, which is barely explored in games and VR tours. 


By the time, mid-august 2015, we started upgrading the church for tile textures in order to achieve a higher resolution with the textures. There were two different models of the church made, one with it’s original painting from the 1950s and another texture set for the church in 2015. From there on, we were engaged in developing the surroundings of the church and developing the interactive system.

The surroundings although not very large, hosted complex geometries that we needed to optimize for a real-time experience. Everything was protographed and modeled by hand in 3D’s max:


This playground set was later set-up in Unity to have physics in the swings:


For some elements we even used photogrammetry, like this farmer’s monument, that was processed in Autodesk Memento and later optimized and refined in Zbrush.


A low poly version with the textures baked were used in the interactive version:


For the trees and vegetation we used a lot of free assets provided by Unity and we made a few of our own with SpeedTree.


With a couple of months of work, we were able to reconstruct the entire square with precision.


The interactive system was an evolution of previously projects developed by BizSD for other clients. It was fine-tuned with years of experience and public interactions, including some other projects demos in events and culture-related fairs. It allows acessibilty to all kinds of public, from little kids to eldery people who never interacted with a video game before.

The conclusion of the project was very satisfactory and with a very good receptance from the public. We’re now using this project as a main tool to raise awareness in future clients and the general public, specially game developers. Our main goal is to reconstruct not only the main turistic spots, but also the minor ones, that holds many personal and significant stories, creating an empathy with the user.

For the future we want to acquire a sponsorship from the government and culture-related organizations to create more projects and expand the Veranopolis one with new features, that include:

-Development of the new surrounding areas;
-A reconstruction of the same place in the early 20th century, hosting the original church building;
-Support for audio-description and hand-signal languages;

-And more.

We believe that we’re entering a new era of virtual tours and experiences, and this more personal approach can help boost the tourism and, with the development of paid projects, we can even give financial support to the real places, boosting significantly the tourism and cultural development of the region, it also helps in preparing them to receive tourists or curious locals.

For more informations and downloads of this project visit:
Check our facebook page to stay tuned on more projects and VR related content:

And support us on steam greenlight, we’re trying to create a new VR-related area there:

Check out our 3D artist portfolio to view more of the making off:



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