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Preview of LORE a VR RPG in a science-fantasy world where three kingdoms battle giant mecha-knight robots

LORE™ is a narrative experience built from the ground up for virtual reality. It is essentially a role playing game set in a science-fantasy world where three kingdoms battle giant mecha-knight robots. In the first chapters the player will follow the lives of several characters through world changing events happening in the world of Orbissa. Each lifeline you follow will give you a different view of the world, and events, with some cross-over at integral moments in their timelines. Exploration is the main mode of gameplay, with dungeon crawling, and piloting mechs in action oriented levels..


The style of the world is decidedly a mash-up of many genres, LORE™ is a ‘giant robot anime’ set in the western world beyond time.  Though the main story follows paths that are laid out for you through visuals and sound, there is a bit of an open world feel in many environments. By deviating from the ‘well tread’ paths the story allows the player to explore the world further, and discover hidden elements not crucial to completing the game.

“Between the three kingdoms, each has developed technology and culture in a different way. You will see elements of Mideavel, Victorian, Mayan, Steampunk, and Dieselpunk… and some twists by the end of the arc,” says Nathan Thorin, the driving force behind LORE™.


The three kingdoms of LORE™ have been tangled in an ages old war of escalating proportions. Each kingdom has at it’s center a piece of ancient technology, fueling their claim for world domination. At the time that the player enters the story the warring factions have been in an uneasy peace, a sort of cold war, but a new force has been rumored about. There is something strange happening far away that is threatening the peace, and the player must find a way to investigate… and prepare.

LORE™ is a project that has been in the works in one form or another since the early 1990’s. It’s creator Nathan Thorin rebooted the project in 2012 as a game school project, then continued on to forming VR design studio GalactaVision LLC in 2013.  LORE™ as a beta VR game has been through several iterations over the past 3 years. The games’ designer stated he is very grateful for the early design student team, and their excitement and involvement at the time of re-inception of the project.


It is apparant that a lot has changed since then.  On the changing development Nathan says, “After some time with the early builds and today’s VR headsets … the direction wasn’t quite where it should be. As many are doing with VR, I went back and rebuilt it several times over with the original ideas … each time learning what worked, and what didn’t in VR. What we ended up with is something much more atmospheric, with a much deeper narrative drive. It is designed with VR completely in mind, tested in VR, and is entirely focused on transporting you to a fantastic world.”

LORE™ is a long-term project that is in early alpha and being developed with the current GalactaVision team. While you can expect to see demos this year, the full game is slated for a 2017 release.

More information will be available soon at

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