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Explore The World In Its Entirety with Octagon VR

Octagon VR a division of Octagon Studio has officially launched the website Focusing on the world of Virtual Reality, Octagon VR offers you an experience to explore places around the world virtually!

Staying true to our mission to be one of the largest 360 Virtual Tour providers in the world, Octagon VR invites beginner and professional photographers alike to contribute by uploading their 360 Virtual Tours to The website will allow photographers to describe and share their own personal experience on places they have been and directly interact with other users in the review column.

We collect hundreds of locations spanning the 4 continents of the world in various categories such as hotels, restaurants, historical places, public places, famous places and many more. Octagon VR opens the window for anyone to be able to spend some time soaking up the atmosphere and examining minute details of any place in the world, virtually, anytime, anywhere.

octagon VR

Stepping into the world beyond human’s peripheral vision and imagination

Octagon VR Luna is an affordable, lightweight product, which allows the user to view our VR apps in stereoscopic mode on their own phones. It is a practical, functional, light weight design created by our senior design expert.


Having successfully sold hundreds of Octagon VR Luna at the Toys Big Sale Jakarta & Pop Con Asia 2015, Octagon Studio is now available to mass produce Octagon VR Luna Headsets for the Indonesian market with a worldwide distribution planned within the upcoming months.

By downloading Octagon 360 App on Google Play and App Store, users will be able to enjoy stereoscopic features straight from their smartphone. Simply attach it to the Octagon VR Luna Headset and start stepping into the world beyond your peripheral vision and imagination. ­

About Octagon Studio

Octagon Studio is a multimedia company based in Ireland and Indonesia specializing in producing and delivering Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions. We have developed numerous 3D animations for various purposes ranging from engineering to real estate projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and West Africa.

Due to high demand and new technological requirements, we have recently developed visual solutions designed to accommodate everything from maneuvering through intricate architectural structures, complex engineering environments to feeding a virtual monkey! We pride ourselves on providing high quality visual solutions for mobile and wearable devices as well as providing a wide range of specifically tailored Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions.

Media Contact:

Christiana Novianty

Events & Marketing Associates

Octagon Studio

T.(+62) 22 2021 527

M.(+62) 822 4011 6677

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