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VR Psychosis : a VR music project who will help you to relax your mind

VR Psychosis is a father and son’s long-running joint gaming project.

The player, wearing a VR headset, can seek help for their real-life anxieties in the game and relax.

The main character finds solace in virtual reality environment, made up of rooms where one can use and listen to different manufacturers’ retro and hi-fi equipment to relax.
Even though the game’s opening is distressing, in hope and comfort can be found in virtual reality in the form of sound, composed of binaural beats and psychological alpha and beta brain wave tones.

vr psychosis

Programming and modeling are done mainly by Miikka Åsnabrygg, whereas the father, Tomi Åsnabrygg, heads up art design and the general vision behind the game.
The music will be self-composed, but due to a lack of time, other musicians are also involved.

vr psychosis
We are still looking for financial partners, but hope that hi-fi manufacturers (Marantz, Bang & Olufsen, Yamaha, Harman Kardon, etc.) will eventually take an interest in the project. We are looking forward to receiving an Oculus Rift CV1, being the first in the team to pre-order it, so we could test out the game and begin to plan out future system requirements.

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