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VR Sleigh Multiplayer for Google Cardboard

We all know how immersive VR gaming can be, but what about to race with your friends ?

With VR Sleigh Multiplayer ARLOOPA is trying to make the experience even more crazy and fun by adding friends in to the same environment and made a competition from it, you are racing in a colorful environment with sleighs and competing with each other.

At the beginning it was a nice single player game, but we were convince that there is lot of potential to make it in a racing style with a local connection over the WLAN.

Functionality is really simple, you need to be under same WiFi network, one of the players is creating room and others can join to the same room, once everybody is in, first​player starts the game and may the best of you be the first. Of course we had some obstacles who are here to slowdown you opponents.
Control is simple and fun, you just need to turn your head from left to right.

The game have single player option as well.

You can download the android version here, and ios version here (ios version is a single player only at the moment but soon will be also multiplayer)


Phone:    +374 10 544 311
Mobile:    +374 93 199 389


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