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Climb Everest 360° VR Experience: a VR experience that leads you to the top of the world – Kickstarter Campaign

There you are, in the midst of a basecamp! You look around and see the huge mountains covered in snow dwarfing you. You turn your head around and see the other team members standing there fully packed to go climb a mountain. Wow, what is this! You hear Noel and Lynn explaining that this will be their biggest challenge and that they are counting on all of you. Here we go, you are climbing small ledges. When you turn around you see some team members following you and when you look at your left side there is a gap of 3000meter. Stay focused. If you just keep on walking straight you will be fine. You hear the wind coming up…it feels like there is a storm coming. Black clouds shooting over the ridge and you are in the middle of it…”

everest vr

For the first time, Virtual Reality will bring you to the top of the world. After many adventures and experience to the highest summits of the world, the renowned adventurer Noel Hanna and his wife Lynn decided to take YOU with them. Indeed, the first married couple challenging this expedition gives you the opportunity to experience the climb of Mount Everest through VR technology. Thanks to 360° footages and live broadcast, you will experience step by step all aspects of the expedition: from all the difficulties to the wonderful view from the top of Mount Everest

As you can imagine, working with VR from the highest summit of the world will not be an easy task. We will face extreme weather conditions as well as all the difficulties and dangers that the expedition implies. And this is what makes the project more challenging and exciting!

everest 2

So, if you are willing to be part of this adventure you can join and back us now on We will need your support.

There, you can find more information about the team, the project, the rewards and stay up to date with all the pre-production process.


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