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AltspaceVR Teams Up with Brotherwise Games to Bring Boss Monster to Virtual Reality

Indie Card Game Developer’s Move into VR Made Easy and Quick with AltspaceVR SDK

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – AltspaceVR, a social virtual reality (VR) company, announced that Boss Monster, a leading hobby card game from independent developer Brotherwise Games, LLC, is now available for play in AltspaceVR. Bringing the card game into VR for the indie developer was made easy and quick with the AltspaceVR Software Development Kit (SDK).

“This is exciting  for AltspaceVR users as they  gain access to an engaging new game, while Boss Monster fans now are able to join together in VR to play in a cool new venue,” said Eric Romo, founder and CEO of AltspaceVR. “Brotherwise Games represents an important segment of the VR market—independent developers and entrepreneurs—and our SDK makes it easy for them to enter VR.”

boss monster gif

Fueled in part by indie developers and crowdfunding (Boss Monster began as a Kickstarter project in 2012). VR offers a new frontier for game developers, and AltspaceVR allows multiple people to be together in virtual space, which is ideal for tabletop games. With AltspaceVR’s SDK, developers can move their creations into VR easily and quickly, typically in a few days to a few weeks.

AltspaceVR BossMonster Instructions

“Our mission is to provide entertainment and fun for all, and playing Boss Monster in AltspaceVR should be a blast for our growing fan base,” said Chris O’Neal, co-founder of Brotherwise Games. “VR is a great opportunity for tabletop gaming to reach untapped markets, and will ultimately lead to more people being able to enjoy the games, and meet with other gamers, no matter where they are.”

AltSpaceVR BossMonster Card

Tabletop games have a strong social aspect that players enjoy. While most VR content is consumed in brief, individual sessions, AltspaceVR brings people together for multi-participant, social experiences. Now that Boss Monster is in VR, fans can engage with friends far and wide to enjoy playing and feel as if they are together when being in the same room is not possible.

Anyone can learn and play Boss Monster in AltspaceVR during “How to Play” sessions being held throughout the day on Feb 23rd and 24th, including special sessions hosted by Chris and Johnny O’Neal, creators of Boss Monster, on Feb 23rd at 10am and 6pm PST and on Feb 24 at 11am PST. Then Chris and Johnny will be in AltspaceVR for open discussion in “Meet the Creators” on Feb 24th at 6pm PST.

Boss Monster can be played in AltspaceVR in full VR mode using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear VR. Players without VR devices can play Boss Monster in desktop mode on their PC or Mac, using an audio headset with a microphone. To sign up, sign in, and play, go to Boss Monster in AltspaceVR.

AltspaceVR BossMonster Emoji

About Brotherwise Games

Brotherwise Games, LLC, is an independent tabletop game developer started by brothers Chris and Johnny O’Neal, and driven by their love of board games, video games and all things geeky. Boss Monster, created in 2012 with support from the Kickstarter community, has been a top selling card game ever since, and is now being produced in five languages and enjoyed worldwide. Boss Monster is available at game shops and retailers across North America.

About AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company building a new communication platform. It is now used by people in over 50 countries to share a variety of experiences and interact in the most natural and fulfilling way possible online.

Founded in 2013, investors include Tencent, Dolby Family Ventures, Raine Ventures, Lux Capital, Western Technology Investments, Maven Ventures, Promus Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Formation 8, Google Ventures, Foundation Capital, SV Angel, Haystack Fund, and Startcaps.


Media Contact:

Bill Bode

Highwire PR for AltspaceVR

(415) 943-4174 x 49

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