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Robotics and virtual reality for faster stroke recovery

March 4, 2016 Tyromotion, a world leader in rehabilitation technology has developed a novel rehabilitation device combining robotics and virtual reality for faster stroke recovery.

Using virtual reality glasses and a bilateral 3D arm robot the patient emerges completely in a virtual world in which next to the visual also the physical environment can be shaped. This helps patients with limited arm function to perform exercises of daily living and to increase range of motion and repetition during training, both essential to motor learning.

The virtual reality component helps us to create a 3-dimensional training environment, which can be tailored exactly to the abilities of the patient and is extremely motivating due to the gaming component says Alex Kollreider, CTO of Tyromotion.


During the next couple of month the system will be tested with leading rehabilitation providers across the US and Europe. The company plans to introduce this new technology as soon as possible into the market so every patient suffering from a stroke can benefit from this new way of treatment.

Given the initial response from doctors and therapists we are confident that this novel approach can truly change the way we do therapy today. We will soon find virtual reality glasses in every living room and that should be the way to deliver motivating and cost effective therapy to everyone. Our new device is the first step into this near future adds David Ram, CEO of Tyromotion.


About Tyromotion

Tyromotion is an Austrian-based robotic systems company specializing in rehabilitative solutions for healthcare providers and patients around the world. The robotic rehabilitation devices are for neurological stroke patients of all age groups.

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Bahnhofgürtel 59

8020 Graz




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