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Sheriff VR : The Great Train Robbery now available on Gear VR

Sheriff VR “The Great Train Robbery” has been developed by Arloopa

Arloopa is a AR & VR development startup /Arman Atoyan : We have created 15 games and experiences which are available on Google play already and 5 games are available in App Store.

Sheriff VR is our flagship game for february, its already available on Google Play and App Store and we just get it approved by Oculus and is now available on the GearVR store.

Sheriff VR is dedicated to the memory of the first Western movie named “The Great Train Robbery”. In this game you are the best Sheriff in West and government is inviting you to prevent the robbery of the Train. There is a gang with 4 bosses, and 4 levels at the moment, in each level you should find and kill the bosses, for each level you are getting rewards after killing the boss. Levels design is sweet and the atmosphere is taking you to an old time and you are starting to fill as the sheriff in an old and good times.

Sheriff VR

We hope that the game will get some good feedback and will allready think about making other stories of sherrif VR. So this is only the first season of the game, more will come. Enjoy !

sheriff vr

– Full 3D immersion
– Realistic 3D sounds
– Captivating soundtrack
– Incredible graphics that create a feel of palpable reality
– Easy to use control
– Compatible with Google Cardboard and other VR headsets with click support
– Not supporting game-pad in this version.

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