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Public Alpha demo of Push For Emor VR is now available for download

Push For Emor is SciFi FPS RPG with light RTS building elements thrown in for good measure. Made for both Monitor & VR
Push For Emor is the game that the developer had always wanted to play, but it didn’t exist. He had always liked EVE, but was disappointed that he couldn’t board battle damaged ships or land on the planets he visited. He had always liked Boarderlands, but found himself wanting to leave the planet and go exploring other similar worlds. He had an Oculus Rift – He wanted all that gameplay in FPS VR, but no one was making it. He decided to make it himself. Push For Emor was born.

Mother Ship:

Push for emor 2

The Game:

When the Emorian Empire starts to take over planets in your Federation space, you are tasked with going in undercover to help the resistance clear out the occupying Emorian forces and liberate each of the planets.


  • 5 Solar Systems.
  • 11 planets of varying tech levels (low, steampunk & cyberpunk).
  • Mission driven game-play (on planet and in space).
  • Planet & Space combat.
  • Disable enemy ships in space and board them.
  • Explore & fight through abandoned space stations.
  • Move between solar systems and planets via space warp gates.
  • Create mining facilities on resource gathering planets and defend them.
  • Fly/Drive a great selection of vehicles (if you can see it in game, you can get in it).
  • Works on both a Monitor and Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Works with Oculus DK2.
  • Will support Oculus CV1 and Steam Vive (awaiting hardware).

Push For Emor are currently running a Steam Greenlight Campaign as it drives to get on to Steam’s store front.

Steam Greenlight gameplay video:

Resistance is not so futile.

When landing on a planet, your first job is to find your resistance contact. They know the local situation and will give you specific missions to help you rout the Emorian presence. Exploring the chat windows and the game’s inventory, it is obvious that the game has been made with VR in mind, though it does play just as well on a regular monitor.

First Planet:

Push for emor 3

Buckle Up!

Vehicles are a big thing in Push For Emor, partly because of the developers love of cockpit based VR games. He said “I want the player to see a vehicle and walk up to it, excited that they might be able use it, hoping for that ‘press to enter’ popup. In Push For Emor, if you see a vehicle, you will be able to fly/drive it at some point – even the mothership!”

Planet Liberated!

Nothing says ‘OURS’ more than deploying a planet base full of Justicar troops. Once you have removed the Emorian threat, call down a base to secure the planet and help protect the local populous.

Planet Base:

Push for emor 4

Space Travel & Combat

Once off planet, you are free to move between planets that have been unlocked at your space station. Each planet has it’s own problem with either space pirates or Emorian fighters. Not every enemy that you take out will be utterly destroyed. If you can blast the ship into a drifting wreck, you can board it and plunder it for credits and upgrades. Make a trip to your weapons locker first, there may be survivors, they may be upset….

Warp Gate

Push for emor 5

Solar system tech levels

Different solar systems have different tech levels from lowfi, to steampunk to cyberpunk. Though the people of the worlds in these systems may have different cultures, they all have two things in common: occupation by Emorian troops and they need your help!

Cyberpunk Planet:

Push for emor 6

Manic Miner

Minerals are needed to keep the war machine rolling. Luckily for us each solar system has a planet that is just ripe with raw resources for us to mine. Land on the planet & build your mines, but watch out for attacks by the indigenous population and Emorian troops! As you gather enough resources, build yourself a barracks and some movable turrets. Nothing can stop the Justicar’s push for Emor. Be warned – Emorian forces might have got to the planet before you. In that case, you are the one dodging the planet guards and turret towers!

Planet Steward:

Push for emor 7


Public alpha is available now from which will include the first planet liberation, space combat, boarding of pirate ships and your home space station for both monitor and Oculus Rift.

The official release is marked for Q3 2016 and again will be supporting both Monitor & Oculus Rift with Vive & controller support to be added as they become available.

Like what you see? Throw them a vote on Steam Greenlight!

Push for emor 8


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