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VR glove start-up Manus VR unveils their first developer kit and HTC Vive compatibility

Manus VR unveils the design for the developer kit of the first consumer virtual reality glove. The development kit will be available for pre-order in Q2 this year and scheduled to start shipping in Q3 2016. The price of the development kit will be 250 dollar. This includes a pair of gloves with integrated, washable electronics. It will include a USB dongle that allows for extremely low latency, less than 5 ms. The developer kit also includes two wrist mounted holders for the HTC Vive controller. These allow the Manus gloves to take advantage of the extremely precise Lighthouse positional tracking system.


Product features

  • Sensors are a 9DOF IMU and two bending sensors for each finger
  • Duel stack connectivity: Low latency <5ms with USB dongle or 12ms with Bluetooth low energy
  • Washable product
  • 8h battery life
  • Fully programmable vibration motor for tactile feedback
  • Open source SDK


The developer kit is open source, available for free, and includes plug-ins for Unity, Unreal, Android, C#, 3DsMax and Maya with other engines and development tools on the way.


Manus VR x Pillow’s Willow

To show the true potential of their product, Manus VR started a collaboration with a newly formed VR studio under the direction of Peter Kortenhoeven. Together they developed a demo specifically designed for the Manus VR glove. This new announced demo is called Pillow’s Willow and plays like a ‘virtual reality dollhouse’ in which the player has to solve physical puzzles which require hand interactions. The full game will be developed from this demo by Pillow’s Willow VR Studios. By solving these puzzles, you help a little orphan girl find her way back home and escape from this haunted realm. With this demo, Manus VR is showing their compatibility with the HTC Vive system, taking advantage of the highly accurate Lighthouse technology for their positional tracking.

The combination of the Manus glove, with Lighthouse positional tracking promises an extremely immersive virtual reality experience, in which the player can interact with the virtual world around them in the same way they would interact with the real world. They have the potential to lift VR to a new level of immersion, promising to unleash the potential of a user’s hands into the virtual world. 

About Manus VR

Manus VR is a Dutch start-up, founded in July 2014, accelerated from November 2014 to January 2015 and funded a month later. They are developing the world’s first consumer VR glove. At the E3 2015 Manus VR showcased their alpha version of the Manus gloves on the Gear VR platform. This year at GDC 2016 Manus VR will proudly reveal their first public development kit on the HTC Vive platform, with brand new technology and a sleek new design.

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