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Early Version of “Sail to Freedom” : a Sailing adventure for Google Carboard and GearVR

The early version of the first sailing adventure game for Google Cardboard (Download) and GearVR (Download) (works with sideload VR) was just released by Melbourne based start-up MarineVerse who is working on Sailing Apps for VR

In “Sail to Freedom” you  will attempt to cross the Baltic Sea on a small sailing boat. The game starts on a shore of oppressive communist regime, where your boat is waiting for you. You are not alone, Stan is your partner in crime and together you will attempt this difficult passage. The story is based on true events that took place in Poland in 1948.

Sail to freedom

The game let’s you sail your your boat both from first and third person perspective and should be comfortable to play for most.

“Sail to Freedom” is the first game by MarineVerse, however it’s not the first sailing related app by the developer. Previously MarineVerse has released to simple educational apps: “Point of Sail” ( Download Here )  and “Sailing Terms” ( Download Here ).

Sail for freedom

MarineVerse is actively working on improving the “Sail to Freedom” and more features should be shipped very soon. The team is also looking for any feedback on how to improve the game.

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