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Creative Storytelling in Virtual Reality with Viar360

Written by: Dejan Gajsek

VR has been getting a lot of attention over the last couple of years, especially at the start of 2016. HTC Vive, the most advanced VR viewer has been sold out within minutes of the release. This is impressive, taking in consideration that it’s not cheap (to get one you had to shell out around €900).

The market seems to be ready to accept VR with open arms. Early adopters are fighting for every new piece of hardware they can get their hands on. Thanks to Google, even those are were just curious about Virtual Reality, had a chance to experience it without breaking a bank. To have a glimpse into VR future, you can simply get one of cardboard viewers, that usually cost between €10-€20.


There are large VR communities popping left and right, including Facebook groups, MeetUp communities and forums. According to Google, there were around 5 million Google Cardboards that have shipped. After the prices of high quality headsets drop and more virtual reality-enabled content becomes available., we can expect major growth. There are numerous ways VR can be applied.

The content is going to be the most important factor how fast, the market will adopt the VR technology. There are a lot of eager content producers already, from 360 Photographers, Game Developers and Filmmakers. You can find plethora of VR apps on your smartphone and because of dropping prices of VR cameras, there are more and more 360 video clips on YouTube 360, Vrideo or even Facebook (yep, Facebook allows 360 videos already).

However, VR content is hard to make. Shooting is the easy part. After you record your video, you have to synchronize and stitch the footage. The software producers use can be expensive (from $200 PTGui to more than $1000 Autopano or Videostitch). After that you can use the usual post editing software such as Premier Pro or Adobe After Effects.


Videosticthing in PTGui

But that’s it. If you’d like to be more creative and take full advantage of the VR, you should be able to have more freedom. A startup from Slovenia is currently developing a device agnostic platform aimed specifically to VR producers. Meet the future WordPress of VR – the Viar360.

The main feature will be simple addition of Hot Spots or CTAs (call-to-action). Once someone watches your video and look at a specific point, a certain action will occur. You will just have to drag and drop a CTA to the point in your video. In Story Maker, you can place multiple CTAs that can lead to different paths of your video story. It will be just like one of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books.


Viar360 Story Maker for creating Conditional Storylines

You can be very creative here. Depending on which actions a viewer will take, the different story he will experience. This is great for storytelling and marketing as well.

As a marketer, you want to test which new model of sneakers appeals to wider audience. The producer will create an environment in which a viewer will enter. If he is a interacting with sneakers A more than with sneakers B, that means he’s more likely inclined to buy that product. This is simple A/B testing in VR environment.


Viar360 will have integrated a powerful analytics, where you’ll be able to see not only audience demographics and video views, but also heat maps, customer paths and product conversions.

viar 360

Viar360 is currently in alpha production phase. If you’re a VR producer or marketer, now is the perfect opportunity to get on board to get an early access. As part of the alpha, you will be eligible for free subscription for the product. Get on board.


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