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Floating Euphoria guides you on a therapeutic journey in Virtual Reality

Written by Micah Blumberg March 20th 2016 : During GDC and VRDC this past week I spoke with the creator of Floating Euphoria: Page Turner.
Floating Euphoria combines Virtual Reality with neurotechnology (highly stimulating brainwave entrainment, light and sound frequencies engineered to cause your neurons to fire at similar frequencies (an example is binaural beats or isochronic beats)) and expertly delivered hypnotherapy to create an amazing experience.

The VR visuals are carefully synched with vocal instructions, leading you on a calming journey through a virtual world and into your own psyche.


The included hypnotherapy guidance enhances your awareness of your direct physical, mental and emotional experience. Overall the 5 minute demo is designed to cause a sense of euphoria in the body and in the breath, expanding your awareness around each.

Page Turner is pioneering a new category of Virtual Reality experiences called “Therapeutic Virtual Reality content.” These kinds of VR experiences will be widely implemented for hospital patients, pain management, drug and alcohol prevention and recovery, as well as emotional and occupational therapy.

Page herself started the company to achieve the maximum benefit of guided meditation and visualization therapy. She first experimented with EEG headsets and then discovered the Oculus Rift and immediately decided to develop for Virtual Reality.

Floating Euphoria was her first attempt at “merging sacred symbolism with subconscious linguistics, simulating a euphoric physical and emotional response by provoking primal verbal and visual cues.”

Her company AlteredScapes was founded early in 2015, and she just knew that she must take her existing practice of guided imagery therapy into the next realm. Now she has.

The kinds of investors that are most excited about her product are interested in it’s applications in medicine, specifically in patient care, to provide therapeutic relief to those stuck in hospital rooms.

Page Turner is also a member of AR VR Women and Women in VR two groups that this author is intent on writing about to promote good causes.

About the Author:

Micah Blumberg is a person deeply immersed in the local and global AR VR community. Micah manages the AR VR Women Group on Facebook.  Micah has been co-organizing the AR VR Women meetups in San Francisco with Jodi Schiller and several others. Micah promotes San Francisco Virtual Reality events– the largest meetup in San Francisco and Micah also runs SFVR’s social media. Micah admins for the largest Gear VR group on Facebook and the largest Oculus Rift group on Facebook. If you’re interested in connecting to Micah, reach out to one of his respective media groups linked above.

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