News Ticker a brand new platform for VR content

Recently launched, is a VR content platform very easy to use both for the vendors and for the customers. This platform is intended to be the place where all the VR content creators can upload their work, no matter if it is free content or paid content. More, this platform is in constant development and the next step will be to implement live streaming from sport events.

An interview taken to the creators of, Răzvan and Paul revealed many interested aspects of their life and work:

VR Perception: First of all, tell us who you are?

Vrcreed: We are two Romanians with some ideas anchored in the latest technology gadgets. Răzvan is a programmer and designer and I (Paul) am a marketer with a strong financial background and both of us have lots of ideas.

VR Perception: Why do you think the world needs your platform?

Vrcreed: Well, the world always needs something, right? The world created these vr goggles and the idea of a place where anyone can find applications, movies or games for their gadgets seemed to be a perfect response. Actually, we believe that VR is the future of all things, even social interaction, so we took this ride.

VR Perception: Do you have any battle plans against competition?

Vrcreed: We have a platform, it is created and works just fine. Once again, it is a big world out there and as an emergent technology, VR will grow exponential from now on. We will face many competitors, because anyone can create nowadays such a platform, but, our approach is what can make the difference. Right now, we are looking for partners to upload theirs content and we are promoting our platform on the social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+.


VR Perception: Do you have a strong investor behind you?

VRcreed: Until now we are alone. We have done our best, actually until now Răzvan has done most of the work and I believe that he did a great job. We didn’t searched for an investor… until now. Actually, to be perfect sincere, I did send a tweet to Kevin Spacey asking him if he wants to invest in us, but he didn’t reply…yet. We have heard that he is a huge VR fan.

Vr Perception: What if he will answer eventually?

VRcreed: I guess that we will be thrilled, honored and very emotional. After all, he is Kevin Spacey, the POTUS in House of Cards!

VR Perception: You mentioned social interaction in VR, what do you meant?

VRcreed: We think that the future will change the way people will interact. It is possible that VR to be just the beginning. Zuckerberg is working at his own Jarvis and many others are going towards AI. We will see what will happen and we will comply to changes. In short terms, we see the future like this: you and me, taking this interview in Maldive, but you are on your sofa and i am at my grandma.

VR Perception: What goals do you have with your platform?

VR creed: Well, we want to talk with as many content creators as we can and to populate the platform with thousands of VR movies, games or apps. We see our platform the place where anyone who has a VR set to find anything he or she wants, either free or paid.

Vr Perception: Thanks a lot for your time, and wish you all the best for this interesting and challenging project, I will come back to you in few months and lets see how far you will be 🙂


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