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Elemental Spark and MaxSource announce sequel to 20-year old multiplayer game WarHeads SE

MaxSource and Elemental Spark are bringing together their combined visions of what WarHeads 2 should be, producing the best possible outcome for our insanely loyal fan base, as we also bring in an entirely new generation of players.

“I have been drawing plans and logging ideas on how to best bring WHSE to the modern platforms for years, as my dedicated players have known. Through a confluence of timing and events, Michael of Elemental Spark came to my attention right as I was beginning down the road of using the same technologies he was already fluent in. After a strenuous interview to ensure his ideals matched my own, assurances that the values of the community would come first before “shiny”, and confirming much of his portfolio, I decided this was the person I thought I could work with in order to bring our ideas to live in a fashion befitting one of the oldest continuously played online multi-player games.

We have been planning this behind the scenes for many months, and are finally ready to let the community in on our little secret!” ~ Jason Plum

warhead 2

WarHeads 2 Details:  Three modes – Editor, Standard, and Classic

  • Classic WarHeads SE gameplay, players will choose from an array of user-built and pre-built weapons and defenses, as well as speed and angle of a single shot in a turn-based multi-user environment.
  • Standard mode will now additionally incorporate touch-based controls for easy aiming and on-the-fly adjustment of power and angle by simply dragging and releasing, as well as a new set of fine-tuning adjustments for custom trick shooting!
  • New in-game editor with an intuitive interface allowing users to selectively share part or all of their weapon packs with other users in a large community based collective as well as introduce new game types that we’ll talk about in a future development blog post.  (Available today at
  • New weapon and defense types added to what you already know and love.
  • Multi-Platform, Cross-Play Compatible!!  — For the first time ever, play on Mobile, Mac, Windows or Linux with all of your friends! Play your sibling on their PC from your phone!
  • Existing game types will be heavily expanded upon
  • Existing game types will REMAIN (This includes SNIPER)
  • The entire game is in 2.5D (Classic 2D with some 3D elements)
  • Michael (Elemental Spark) is very well known for Virtual Reality development, we are exploring these ideas, but will not be implementing or discussing them until AFTER a stable release is made
  • VR implementation will NOT affect gameplay if/when we implement it.
  • We may add LEAP MOTION support at a later date for a truly immersive user interface experience.  Again, this will not affect gameplay nor provide substantial advantage other than a new fun way to play WarHeads 2.
  • Customizable ships! We’ll cover this later in our blog, but this goes WAY beyond customizing the look of your ship. We are working on ways for you to develop your own ship, share it with others, including full customization of weapon placements, pre-directional shot, and much more.
  • For the first time ever, we are going to allow different custom weapon types as well.
  • Classic – 1 shot, multi-stage operation
  • New – 6 single shots, with multi-stage operation, fully customizable with fine tuning
  • MANY new types / stages that will be discussed during development on our blog (
  • Using the new editor, you’ll be able to test your weapon in the editor while you build it and see your weapon operate before saving it to your new pack!  This will finally allow you to quickly prototype weapons and visualize them before entering battle!
  • HD high-detail custom hand-painted textures, planets, sprites, environments – some of these new environments, planets and hazards now have interactive elements for you to use in battle either for your aid or to be used against your foes!!
  • We expect these changes will really bring out some amazing new weapons, strategies and exciting new possibilities during gameplay, while still keeping what we know and love, true to the game.  It’s an exciting time to be a WarHeads game player!!

Classic mode –

  • It’s exactly what you think, the classic game – with minor updates to graphical interface / enhanced graphics
  • Classic play, retextured in our modern engine.  New looks, old play using original graphic material that will be enhanced and brought to modern standard using hand-painted techniques.
  • Allow users on PC, Mobile and Linux versions to import their custom weapons from WHSE and use them in Classic mode (only).
  • Sharing of packs for classic mode will continue to be at the user’s discretion – We will still host an archive, and will continue to support others who do too.
  • Classic play type, SNIPER & standard server options will be available.


  • More details are being discussed and will be released as they are implemented into the game with website updates, blog posts, and social media announcements.  Make sure to follow us on your favorite social media site and share with friends.
  • Music is still being determined – Michael is also a musician, but he’d like to see opportunities for indie / freelancers to be able to submit their ORIGINAL music to showcase in WarHeads 2. It would keep the music fresh and revolving, and if possible we’d try to work out a way for us to help to expose those artists with a promotional share program.  If you are interested in submitting your original music for use in WarHeads 2, please contact us!

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