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Follow the backstage of a Virtual Reality production on an Everest expedition with VR Explorer

VR-Explorers is currently producing its first Virtual Reality production… Mount Everest!

This week, cameraman and sound recorder left for Kathmandu to reach the mountain in a few days. They will join an Everest expedition during two months to record the first Virtual Reality experience in Everest.

They follow the famous adventurer Noel Hannah and his wife Lynn in their second Everest’s ascension together, which make them the first couple climbing Mount Everest from both sides!

Kathmandu 11-04-2016

During these two months you can follow the whole expedition on Social media, you will be seated in the first row to witness all the news,the backstage of a Virtual Reality production and an Everest expedition all at once.

Everest Virtual Reality

Daily pictures, videos, updates will be shared on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also find on the page the preparation of the journey! From the moments when the team unpacked the equipment to their departure to Kathmandu.

The aim is to propose a real immersion in the expedition before the audience can experience it in  Virtual Reality!

For now, the team is doing well, they met the rest of the expedition’s team and already started to shoot in Kathmandu!

If you want to follow Przemek, Wolny and our adventurers in this expedition,

Follow VR-Explorers #climbeverestVR on :




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