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VRaccoon let you get into a Raccoon skin roaming the flat in search of treats

1. Why VRaccoon?

Everybody wants to get into another skin. Virtual reality allows seeing the world as an animal. We have decided, that it would be interesting to become a raccoon, so we`ve taken unity, photos of raccoons, patience and start.


2. The peculiarities During the process of developing we have determine some peculiarities:

– Raccoon’s pad doesn’t look as cute, as a raccoon itself. So we’ve decided that the movement of the pad should be quick and almost invisible.

– From raccoon’s point of view real interior looks disturbed, so we’ve taken cartoon furniture. A person doesn`t associate these pieces of interior with the real room

– As a night predator, a raccoon sees the world in monochromic colors. We have taken bright colors to make the game more interesting.

– The sudden difference in elevation, imitating jumps, could evoke unpleasant sensation, so we reduced it


3. What we’ve made

We’ve take suspenseful music to allow a viewer feeling like a raccoon – burglar – We’ve introduced a ball of wool to allow a player moving along the trajectory. The player can push it hard or delicate and search for bonuses at any place.


4. How did we use VRaccoon

The game can be modified with other animals and bonuses. As a new media advertising studio we used it at first for advertising campaign as a cat and then made into raccoon and loaded in stores for free downloading


• Fully immersive VR experience
• Innovative and intuitive player controller
• Simple and user friendly gameplay

• VRaccoon supports all mobile VR headsets (Google Cardboard, Homido, Fibrum, etc.)
• The game is compatible with the most of HID USB/Bluetooth gamepads.

• You can play the game without VR headset. Turn off «VR Mode» in the menu
• In case of performance issue you can turn off “Distortion Correction” in the menu

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