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Opaque Media Group collaborates with NASA to push the boundaries of authenticity in Earthlight.

Opaque Media Group collaborated with NASA to help improve the authenticity of Earthlight’s gameplay experience.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 21st April, 2016 – The Australian based Earthlight team recently returned from Johnson Space Centre in Houston where they had a week-long guided production tour of the NASA facility in the week following GDC. While in Houston, the Earthlight team from Opaque Media Group were able to meet with key NASA staff, including veteran astronaut Dr. Thomas Marshburn to help improve the authenticity of Earthlight’s game experience.

The tour began at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, the world’s biggest indoor pool where the buoyancy of water is used to simulate weightlessness for astronauts. The team was able to greatly expand their knowledge in the simulation of microgravity in water.


The other key part of the tour was to the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility, also colloquially referred to simply as “Building 9” and the team’s guide was astronaut Dr. Thomas Marshburn, veteran of Space Shuttle missions as well as a past resident of the ISS during Expedition 34/35.

Earthlight Team showing off Earthlight to Dr. Marshburn

( Earthlight Team showing off Earthlight to Dr. Marshburn)

From the Advanced Suit Lab, the Earthlight team were able to get up close and personal with the Z2 Spacesuit Advanced Prototype and discussed in depth NASA’s plans for the next iteration of the porotype, the Z3, which will be feature extensively in Earthlight.

( Earthlight Team checking the space suits for reference)
( Earthlight Team checking the space suits for reference)

“Earthlight will be built with close consultation with astronauts as well as people who train and support them and the week at NASA has been tremendously valuable.’ Said Norman Wang, Earthlight’s Project Lead. ‘We were able to get first-hand access to a number of key facilities and personnel involved in astronaut training and mission operation and collect reference materials that are previously impossible for us to access.’

‘The tour has made very significant impact on what we’ve been, and what we will be creating for Earthlight’ Norman added.


Our current project Earthlight is a VR game that immerses players in the journey of becoming an astronaut. Earthlight is being built in collaboration with N.A.S.A to give players an authentic experience through the wonders and perils of space.


Opaque uses emergent technology to build innovative solutions to unconventional problems, we specialise in areas including VR, AR, holographic computing, AI and robotics. We have worked with universities, tech giants, charities and space programs.

Official Opaque Media Group Twitter: @OpaqueMM





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