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A 3D Character model usable in VR applications “ImagineGirls Iris” is now available for Free !

Los Angeles, CA (May 31, 2016) – California-based ImagineVR Inc, creator of the Virtual Reality (VR) content platform ImagineVR, has released Iris, the first 3D model in the “ImagineGirls” series, in an effort to support VR content creators all over the world. The model can be downloaded for free from the website ( .

Iris ImagineVR


“Iris” was designed by illustrator INO, and was modeled by Kakomiki. The model was designed with 3D modeling in mind, and thus is of high quality. Not only does the data come in a format recognized by 3D modeling software and various applications, a PMX version is also available for use in MMD (MikuMikuDance).


The data may be used and modified freely for use in VR applications such as indie projects and commercial titles, subject to the terms set forth in the “ImagineGirls User License” as well as any applicable laws of the user’s country of residence.

For more information, please read the license, available on the website.


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