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EchelonVR – a comprehensive Virtual Reality solution platform to transform 3D models of products into immersive experiences

May 31.05.16 – Santa Clara, California rapidBizApps, the trusted innovation partner for enterprises worldwide, is proud to launch EchelonVR, a comprehensive virtual reality (VR) solution to transform 3D models of products into immersive experiences. EchelonVR enables sales and marketing professionals to demonstrate their product offerings to attendees of trade shows, expos and conferences, via an incredible VR experience.

“Product demos at tradeshows and expos are great but have limitations. If you are a heavy equipment manufacturer, you need to spend a huge chunk of your tradeshow budget on logistics. Compare that with a virtual product demo that requires only a smartphone and a suitable VR headset. It’s a no-brainer.”, says Satish Penmetsa, CEO, rapidBizApps.

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EchelonVR can transform any AutoCAD or Solidworks 3D model into a VR demo. More specifically, EchelonVR is comprised of software development kits and cross-platform engines that render virtual reality product experiences across today’s biggest VR platforms – Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

“It’s really simple for the customer. Just three steps. You share your product demo objectives, we recommend the best VR platform, and then we build the best product demo possible”, says Satish.

VR is all the rage right now, and with good reason. For product demos, it provides an immersive experience for your customers. You can showcase your entire product range, in the context of their natural operating environment. You can get detailed analytics around user behavior and intent. And it provides tremendous cost savings through avoided logistics costs. What’s not to like?

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rapidBizApps, Inc. specializes in building cutting-edge technology solutions including Mobile Applications, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and Big Data/Analytics for enterprises worldwide. With customers ranging from Fortune 500 firms such as Adobe, AECOM, Atlas Copco, Abbott, and Barrick Gold to high-potential startups such as Eltropy, Doorman and WriteWell, rapidBizApps is a great partner regardless of your organization’s size. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley (USA) and operate a major technology centre in Hyderabad (India).

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