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Walking, jumping, climbing and flying as a body-less consciousness ? It’s now possible with Lucid Trips

Doing a nosedive and being whipped from the harsh wind streaming over your body while you dash down a colorful canyon can be quite mind blowing.

 Lucid Trips is a VR experience which takes place in planetary dream worlds. You explore an artistically designed surrounding with a completely new concept, defining and navigating your avatar in a distinctive way, using hand motion controllers. You are walking, jumping, climbing and flying as a body less consciousness with too ghost­like arms.

What actually is Lucid Trips ?

Whateverland – Art Exploration

The first planet in Lucid Trips is “Whateverland”.

A place where art is made explorable in a new way. The player can look at the work of selected artists from completely new perspectives and dimensions. On every new island will be a new artpiece to explore.

Lucid Trips

The idea behind this concept on Lucid Trips first planet is to digitalise art from different disciplines i.a. per 3D scan and integrate it to the gameworld. Every piece can be “set free” through solving a small quest. When the user obtained access to the artpiece he will get the opportunity to purchase it as a 3D print. Through this feature, people can explore the artpiece in virtual space but they can also take it back to their common reality and hold it in their hands.

The developer team is already in cooperation with some well­known artists like Neo Rauch, Low Bros and Daim which will take part in the experimental Art Gallery Whateverland.

The Hand-walking-method

The small team of creative VR­enthusiasts is working since nearly two years on a locomotion concept, which is using only hand­motion­controllers.

To move around the player just pushes himself of the ground with his two hands.

Lucid Trips

The wrist is made the center of all movement, so real-life legs get redundant. This opens possibilities of moving around freely in a virtual world and still staying in your place in the real world. The user is able to seamlessly switch from walking to jumping, flying, climbing or swimming which lets him explore the magic environments on the artistically designed dreamplanet of Lucid Trips completely free. Though the project is still in prototype state, the makers of the hand­walking­method can resume quite well about motion sickness. As soon as the player got into the navigation, he can move around very intuitive. Every real­world movement is followed by a predictable movement in VR that relates to the added force. As these actions are done while your whole wrist is in movement and not only your fingers, the brain seems to be less confused from the triggered moves.

Lucid Trips

The avatar hovers in a certain distance over the ground so the virtual hands can be used for interaction at any time. Like this it´s possible for the player to construct three­ dimensional shapes with his hands

All you dreamers, curious, experienced or inexperienced, playful enthusiasts we´d love to include you, as our selected alpha testers in our development process.

We are looking forward to collect all your feedback, bug reports, ideas and anger to improve our build for Early Access which we plan to start at November 1. 2016.

To sign up please fill out this form­trips­alpha/ (free!)

What does the Alpha include?

  • A tutorial
  • A small island to explore and get use to the locomotion
  • Artpieces from DAIM, Phil L. Herold & Gero Doll
  • Something to find
  • Some bugs

To get a first impression we made a video with tips and tricks on how to play Lucid Trips

Minimum Specs :

GPU: GTX 970

CPU: i5 4690 @ 3,5 Ghz + good cooler. RAM: 8GB


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