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Island 359 Transports Players Into the Exhilarating Jungle with Killer Dinosaurs

Island 359, CloudGate Studio’s first commercial release, pushes VR boundaries with innovative mechanics and immersive gameplay

 Chicago, IL (August 24, 2016)—You’re dropped off on a lush, green island by way of helicopter. Amidst the brush, tall leafy trees, and rocky hills you can hear the distinctive sounds of the dinosaurs off in the distance. A skilled and confident mercenary, you gather your equipment and sling your backpack onto your shoulders, ready to conquer.

You’re on this island with one mission in mind: kill as many dinosaurs as possible to earn as much money as possible, then make your way safely off the island. But the dinos won’t make this simple. They’re restless, vicious, and fighting for their survival just as much as you are. Will you be able to complete your mission? Can you make it off Island 359 alive?

On Island 359, players will be thrust alone into the jungle, needing to defend themselves from the barbarous dinosaurs that rule the island. Looking to kill the biggest dinosaurs and make maximum cash before returning home, players will quickly uncover that the mission is far more dangerous than they ever could have imagined. With no easy escape, players will need to be smart and strategic in their approach and preserve their stamina and health in order to have any hope of survival.

Island 359

In complete isolation and with no obvious path, players will explore the expansive island, searching for kills, hiding behind hills, rocks, and brush, waiting for the ideal time to attack. Choosing the most strategically sound weapons and only carrying what fits in their backpack, players will sprint around the island unsure of what’s around every corner.

Needing to maintain their stamina and health, players will have to reach milestone numbers of kills in order to receive loot drops that provide additional health and resources they’ll need to survive.

Island 359

When creating Island 359 the developer, CloudGate Studio, sought out to create a game experience that bottled up the nostalgia of the 90’s dinosaur craze, while providing an exhilarating modern day spectacle. CloudGate sought to push the boundaries of VR, allowing players to interact with dinosaurs in a way that was never previously possible,. Utilizing boundary-pushing mechanics to intensify the game’s immersion, Island 359 was developed with the intent of making players feel exhilarated, highly tense, and transported to the jungle in the dinosaur era.

Island 359

Utilizing innovative techniques, CloudGate created a variety of dynamic dinosaurs—Raptors, Allosaurus, and Compsognathus—that all attack differently and respond in an almost human-like way to the player. Dinosaurs will suddenly take notice of a player coming to attack and run away, hide, or attack to counter their presence. Additionally, CloudGate integrated an innovative sprinting mechanic into the game, making the player feel as if they are actually physically immersed in the jungle environment.

Island 359

Island 359 is now out on VIVE Early Access on steam for $19.99 and includes the full mercenary game experience. The CloudGate team will be working to consistently update the game and the price will continue to reflect upcoming content additions and updates.

About Cloud Gate Studio : 

CloudGate Studio, founded in 2016, is a game development studio founded by industry veterans Steve Bowler, Jeremy Chapman and Mike Fischer. Focused on creating premium, innovative games that defy the boundaries of VR, CouldGate Studio evolved out of a commitment to cultivate immersive, and transformative VR experiences.

Passionate that games should never be mediocre, CloudGate is working to create deep games that elicit the feelings of Blockbuster films—energizing, vitalizing and exhilarating while always leaving players thirsty for more

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Island 359

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