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Skylight, Turn-Based Tactics Game of Colossal Space Battles : available January 12th on Gear VR

Skylight is a VR turn-based tactics game that will challenge players to step into the role of a strategic mastermind. With Skylight’s galactic world at their fingertips, players must orchestrate their fleet of ships to outwit and overwhelm their enemy. Immersive, focused, and highly strategic, players will need to customize their fleet to plan, maneuver, and ultimately achieve victory by destroying their opponent’s capital ships. Challenging players to make full use of their own capital ships while also safeguarding them from the enemy, Skylight puts a strong emphasis on strategic decision making while requiring true mental agility as the game unfolds. Each turn culminates in cinematic and spectacular space battles as Skylight navigates an unexpected dynamic between thoughtful, carefully plotted turn-based gameplay on the one hand, and real-time action-packed battles on the other.

Skylight is a realization of an idea that developer E McNeill has spent nearly a decade hoping to bring to fruition. Now amplified by the power of VR and a futuristic look and feel, Skylight provides a focused but thought-provoking strategy game that brings E’s dreams of space battles to life. In Skylight, a successor to E’s previous award-winning game Tactera, E strived to retain the elements that worked best while changing up the mechanics, environment, and overall gameplay to create a fresh experience. Skylight seeks to provide even deeper strategy in a new immersive context.



  • 12 different ship types (8 available for free), from nimble fighters to colossal capital ships
  • Extensive Campaign mode with 30 missions (10 missions available for free)
  • Turn-based asynchronous multiplayer
  • Skirmish mode for custom battles
  • A 3D battlefield that takes full advantage of VR

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1 Comment on Skylight, Turn-Based Tactics Game of Colossal Space Battles : available January 12th on Gear VR

  1. As a beta tester I can tell you at this game is solid through and through. Imagine playing chess only with dreadnought and Corvette class Starships in a three-dimensional environment. You can literally look at the fighters and bombers as pawns on a chessboard. The multiplayer is amazing and really gives you the time to strategize. This is a thinking person’s game. The single player missions build at a pace that is reasonable and gives you time to learn the mechanics which comes fairly easy. I have played many games over the years but this one can be replayed over and over again without ever becoming stale. Trust me when I tell you that this game is worth every penny!


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