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Step into the Mechanized Shoes of a 40-foot Robot to Battle Giant Robots with Fist of Physics on HTC

PALO ALTO, CA (December 15, 2016) – Midas Touch Game, a groundbreaking VR studio and physics engine developer, today released its inaugural game title, the innovative robot brawler, Fist of Physics. The Steam Early Accessgame, which is playable on HTC VIVE headsets, puts players inside the body of a giant robot fighter to battle other robots in hard-hitting, spectacular melee combat. The game combines the visceral appeal of rock ‘em, sock ‘em action with an astonishingly accurate physics engine that realistically models what it would be like to actually battle 40-foot tall robots.

In Fist of Physics, players will step into the metal shoes of a giant mechanized warrior the size of a four-story building, with the challenge of taking on even more massive opponents using powerful fists, unique weapons and environmental objects such as lamp posts and cars. The game brings a new level of realism to its over-the-top setting using Midas Touch Game’s cutting-edge VR physics engine and articulated character engine that let players literally reach out and touch their opponent. Instead of canned animations or hit reactions, all movements and responses look and feel believable, maintaining player immersion. Each opponent has a unique set of moves for the players to learn to anticipate and counter in their own style, using their own natural motions and reactions.

Fist of Physics

“Our proprietary physics engine brings Fists of Physics to life with realistic motion feedback that looks and feels right—it’s a blast punching giant robots with your fists!” said Kevin He, CEO of Midas Touch Game. “When you hit a robot’s leg, its body will sweep as it would in real life. Smack its right arm, and the robot organically sways based on the impact. As soon as you take your first swing, you’ll feel instant gratification from the power of your robot and how the enemies react.”


The Early Access version of Fist of Physics will give players a taste of the final product at a reduced price of $9.99, with special launch pricing of $7.99 from December 15th through the 21st. Set in San Francisco in 2033, the EA release offers three robot opponents, four weapon types and one vibrant 3D environment, providing players with a 15-round challenge that scales in difficulty to keep the fight exciting and dynamic. The final game, to be released in 2017, will feature six total robots, multiple campaigns and additional environments.

More information about Fist of Physics will be released in the coming months. To keep up on the latest news, visit or follow Midas Touch Game on Twitter @MidasTouchVR.

About Midas Touch Game

After holding senior positions at Blizzard, Roblox and Disney Interactive, Midas Touch Game CEO Kevin He had a unique vision for next-generation physics. Instead of focusing on box physics, as other solutions had in the past, Kevin felt that it was more important to improve joint physics, as well as the artificial intelligence that drives character movement. His vision has been realized in the company’s inaugural title, Fist of Physics, a robot beat-em-up featuring robot opponents that respond to attacks precisely as they would in real life, with no canned animations. For more information, visit

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