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Keshet International gaming publishes addictive new virtual reality arcade sensation, Racket: NX

Created by Leading Audio Plugins Developer Waves and Developed by Boutique Gaming Studio OneHamsa, Racket: Nx is set to become a Global v-Sport

20 December, 2016 – Keshet International Gaming (KIG) today announced it is to publish the new, hotly anticipated virtual reality game, Racket: Nx to the global gaming community.

Inspired by the classic arcade game Arkanoid, as well as pinball and racquetball, Racket: Nx is a game of skill which tests even the most adept sports player’s spatial awareness and challenges their motor control and reflexes to the max. The player is encapsulated in a glass dome floating in outer space and given a racket and ball to strike. The aim is to hit the targets of dynamic patterns on the walls of the dome against the clock. A player can chose to play against the dome, or against other players in real time.

The free Racket: Nx demo was launched on STEAM® this month and has been the subject of rave reviews* (a selection follow below). The full game, which will include Multiplayer and Arcade mode, will launch as early access on the market-leading HTC VIVE VR platform in 2017. KI will exploit the game and franchise internationally, driving it to gamers to Racket: Nx via the app store and arcade networks globally. OneHamsa will continue to provide live services and production pipeline.
Ziv Rabinovich, Head of KI Gaming & Interactive, said, “Thanks to the VIVE’s ‘room scale’ approach, games like Racket: Nx offer the casual arcade experience that many gamers are looking for when turning to VR. v-Sports like this are getting over the “gimmick” stage and are beginning to deliver games that are precise, immersive and competitive as well as providing slick graphical eye-candy and incredible sound. Like any other new platform, it’s all about the gameplay and Racket: Nx delivers. I’m extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to publish Racket: Nx, brilliantly developed by Waves and OneHamsa.”

Tomer Elbaz, EVP & GM Consumer Electronics Division of Waves Audio said, “We’re pleased to partner up with Keshet International and consider this to be a great opportunity to expose gamers everywhere to Racket: Nx and the VR capabilities of Waves Nx.”

“Waves Nx turns regular headphones into the auditory equivalent of VR goggles and immerses the user into an ultra-realistic soundscape. Racket: Nx is the first title designed from the ground up to organically showcase the technology and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result”.

Ziv Rabinovich, Head of Interactive-Gaming

Ziv Rabinovich, Head of Interactive-Gaming

KIG is charged with creating, developing and producing mobile and social gaming products. It is headed by veteran gaming and TV Executive Ziv Rabinovich. KIG is an independent, international entity developing original games for the consumer market as well as servicing third party clients and exploiting existing Keshet IP.

Waves is the world-leading developer of audio DSP technologies and the driving power behind hit records, major motion pictures and popular video games the world over. A recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award, Waves is acclaimed by top professional and prosumer users worldwide. More than 250,000 recording studios, mixing and mastering facilities use Waves’ portfolio of cutting edge technologies on a daily basis to create top-selling music, movies and games. Waves’ professional technologies, 25 years of expertise, and passion for sound are now utilized to meet mobile

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