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Resolution VR Game for Daydream : Wonderglade, Adds New Mini-Game, “Pass and Play” and other Features Ahead of Holidays

Stockholm, Sweden – 22 December 2016 – Today, virtual reality (VR) games studio Resolution Games announced a new mini-game, Hamster Hoops, and added features for their popular carnival-themed mini-game collection on Daydream, Wonderglade. 

Wonderglade becomes the highest rated game on Daydream


 “We’re excited to see Wonderglade become a breakout success with a 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store. We’re also getting some great feedback and comments from users – much of which drove these new updates,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games. “And, just in time for the holidays players can now engage with their families and friends in a whole new way with the added pass and play tournament mode. It’s truly the perfect way to introduce those who haven’t experienced VR to the platform.”

 The company released several new features including a first of the kind for Daydream enabling “pass and play,” where users can play their favorite mini-games with up to six friends to determine the winners for new and classic carnival-themed games. Players can also purchase new items including a royal crown for their avatar, an alien gun hose or guitar hose for Tinder Town, a cookie wand or fly swatter for Magic Mayhem, new characters for Tip N Tilt and more. Wonderglade has also been localized to include  German, UK English, Latin American Spanish and Canadian French.


  Additionally, beyond Wonderglade’s initial attractions – Tinder Town, Magic Mayhem, Tip N Tilt Racing and Tiny Tee Golf – users can now play a new mini-game called Hamster Hoops. Hamster Hoops lets players become an interstellar basketball champion by shooting hoops in space surrounded by cute hamsters. The more high-value hoops a player hits the higher their score and more tickets they will earn.


 The game is free and available now on Daydream. To learn more, visit



About Resolution Games:

Resolution Games is the first virtual reality (VR) games studio focused on creating accessible, fun games that everyone can enjoy – pushing the limits of the emerging VR games space. Their mobile VR fishing game, Bait!, is known as one of the most popular VR titles to date with nearly a million downloads and counting, while their carnival-themed game, Wonderglade, is currently the most popular game on Daydream. The studio is composed of highly respected game industry veterans, serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders with a proven track record of widely acclaimed success spanning across mass market and AAA games, free-to-play games, hardware and more. Resolution Games is privately held and based in Stockholm, Sweden.


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