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Just on time for Christmas : Hatrabbit releases merry snowballs for htc vive

Hatrabbit Entertainment is proud to present its first game, Merry Snowballs, under the Hatrabbit Playground label!

The label is a platform where we aim to create short, fun and engaging VR experiences with a more playful mindset around game development. It’s a place for us to experiment, learn what works and to communicate and collect feedback from our players more frequently. A planted seed here could eventually grow into something bigger! The motto is less talk, more play!

First out under Hatrabbit Playground is a snowball fighting experience called Merry Snowballs, taking the player to an American neighborhood in late December with a heart-warming christmas spirit and plenty of frosty projectiles in the air! The game lets you utilize room scale to duck, take cover, attack, parry and experience the potential and fun of VR.


  • SURVIVE Theo, Blondie and Big Joe, the next-door kids that share one goal – to make your life more difficult!
  • CLAIM PICKUPS like snow guns, shields and extra lives and use them wisely to progress as far as possible!
  • SCORE POINTS to reach the top in the leaderboard!


Merry Snowballs has taken us around three weeks to develop and is our first attempt to deliver a game for the VR market. Being a two man team and having a restricted timeline set for ourselves has been both a challenge but also a great learning experience. The game is developed mainly for HTC Vive and is available today on Steam (coming soon to Viveport). Get your Christmas spirit up and join the fun! Merry Snowballs to you all!

Download here :

Website :

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