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Jump into a VR Spy story with The Price of Freedom, now available on Steam for FREE

The Price of Freedom is an interactive room-scale Virtual Reality narrative experience for the HTC Vive. Players take the role of Agent Zero, a CIA operative.

Your mission: assassinate Benjamin Miller, a radical who broke into CIA facilities and stole top secret chemical weapons research. Interact with and explore Ben’s apartment. Through documents, pictures, audio tapes, and hidden messages, players learn the truth about what Miller was searching for the night he broke in.

The narrative is based on Project MKULTRA, the CIA mind control research project of the 1950s-1960s. Contents in the experience are derived from actual declassified CIA documents.


January, 1960. The US is deep in Cold War with Russia, and nuclear war seems imminent, when Benjamin Miller breaks into CIA research facilities, stealing valuable Chemical Weapons research. Your mission: assassinate Miller and protect this information from falling into enemy hands. What seems like a straightforward mission soon takes a dark turn as you learn the truth behind Miller’s motives.



The Price of Freedom is the first interactive Virtual Reality experience by Construct Studio. After creating the VR film Imago in grad school, the team formed with the intention to create interactive VR narrative. Inspired by the real life events of Project MKULTRA and the potential for “Walking Simulator” style narrative, the team worked at breakneck speed, and produced The Price of Freedom in six months from inception.

With a team made up of American and Taiwanese members, the team is now focused on creating the Mandarin translation, and bringing The Price of Freedom to the Asian market.



  • The first in an episodic series.
  • Voice actors including Jason Douglas (The Walking Dead, Dragon Ball Super) and Christopher Sabat (Dragon Ball series, One Piece)
  • Explore a fully immersive environment. What secrets will you uncover?
  • Thought provoking story.
  • From the creators of the 360 VR film Imago.
  • Full support in English and Chinese (Coming soon).

Download here :


Construct Studio Based in San Francisco, CA, USA

Construct Studio is an international independent studio dedicated to creating interactive narrative experiences for virtual reality.


Press / Business contact:


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