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Hyper realistic architectural VR Simulations with ODCAF VR

February 14th, 2017 – Overdose Caffeine, a technology company from Turkey, specialized in game development, robotics and virtual reality, announced that they have reached a milestone in their latest VR research. Their new technology allows them to generate hyperrealistic architectural VR simulations with record speed and quality compared to current solutions.

Virtual reality solutions for architecture has been around for some time. VR is very useful for showcasing architectural projects. You can showcase a flat to customers who are miles away, in another city or country without the need to physically move them there. They will move around the flat and feel just like if they were there. This method improves sales and saves lots of resources. However, the current methods to create a VR simulation from an architectural project are not feasible to be used widely. The process requires high budgets and a large team working on a project for months, which makes it inaccessible to most companies.


‘Surprised by current budgets, we had to invent a new technology

The technology developed by Overdose Caffeine is capable of creating hyper-realistic VR simulations from architectural projects, with much lower budget, just in a couple of days, without the need for a large team. This makes the usage of VR very feasible and accessible to any company. Also, current alternative methods require super powerful computers and wired VR headsets to be able to run the simulations generated. On the other hand Overdose Caffeine’s software runs on a mobile headset -a Samsung Gear VR- which makes the system easier to use and transport. Firms can showcase their projects anywhere they want without transporting heavy equipment. This method is even much more efficient and budget friendly than building architectural models or show flats.


‘It’s finally feasible to use VR for any architectural firm’

Overdose Caffeine is very happy to offer this new service and technology for the first time in the world. ‘The technology has potential for other applications’ The technology developed to create these simulations have more potential applications than just generating VR experiences out of architectural design files. At the moment Overdose Caffeine continue their research and development to use their tech in more ways in the industry, such as building a new hardware that might capture real environments to turn them into simulations running on the same framework

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  1. Very interesting… they’re making a great job


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