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Have a look to Run Of Mydan, it’s a new singleplayer/multiplayer flying VR shooter with an unique mechanics.

Run Of Mydan is a singleplayer and multiplayer flying VR shooter with refreshing unique mechanics. You can either take on a journey packed with action and mixed with introspection, or fight other players online with an awesome and nausea-free flying locomotion system. The game’s story mode puts you in control of a mysterious entity, flustered and perturbed by a deceived past as it struggles to break free from the shackles restraining its path to regain its ability to fly.

You need to combine your abilities with different powers and weapons to fight in order to recompose your memories and unfold the truth. As you make your way through timeless, unique landscapes filled of threats you slowly find out what happened to you, why you are there and what you have done in the past. Throughout this journey you’ll find yourself facing massive titans obstructing your path, and with the effectiveness of VR devices, you’ll feel the scale and feel how it is to confront and defeat a giant. The multiplayer mode features traditional game modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, domination, etc.

It currently allows for a maximum of 10 players per match. Depending on your style and abilities, you can refine your own combat techniques with an arsenal of ranged and melee weapons. Furthermore, you can customize your character’s appearance and get recognized in the field by exhibiting your experience with your unlocked armor parts and ornaments. Another mechanic that makes Run Of Mydan stand out is the flight locomotion system that requires time to master, but allows for 360 movement in a highly immersive and compelling way.

More details about the company behind the game : 

Virtew is a virtual reality production company founded in 2016 by three creative minds with 10 years experience in realtime 3D graphics and visual arts.

Virtew is home to creativity and embraces the idea of shaping unprecedented sensorial experiences with an ever improving craft and care for the subtlest detail. Virtew delivers top quality applications for the broadening virtual reality horizons such as the virtual shamanic journey “Amanitha”, the interactive music experience “GO:DVJ” and the VR-only game “Run Of Mydan“, the result of one year of hard work and now on sale on Steam.


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