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League​ ​of​ ​War / VR​ ​Arena​:​ The ​PSVR​ ​Review​ ​Guide

What’s League of War: VR Arena?

It’s a tabletop-style arcade war game based on MunkyFun’s successful League of War franchise.

  • Quick, visceral 1v1 battles vs. AI (Campaign mode) or human (Arcade mode) opponents.
  • Arcade head-to-head mode features a unique twist: VR player (using headset and Move controllers) engages in strategic combat against a non-VR opponent playing on the Social Screen (using TV screen and DS4 controller) in the same room.
  • Available for PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store for $19.99 / €23.99 / £18.99.
  • For review purposes, one game code allows you to test all functionality including both single player and two player local multiplayer modes.


How do I play?

  • Virtually place units on a tabletop-style arena battlefield in fast-paced, action-packed contests.
  • The goal is to destroy the opposing army’s towers and base.
  • A squad is comprised of InfantryTanksReconChoppers, or Artillery.
  • Each of the five unit types occupies a spawn pad; pads generate units if they are part of your squad.
  • Each unit requires time and energy to build; more powerful units require more energy and take longer to spawn while units such as recon and infantry spawn quickly.
  • VR Players can prioritize a unit type spawn by ‘charging’ the spawn pad, shortening the charge time for that unit to spawn while increasing the wait time for other unit types. For example, you might charge an infantry unit to spawn quickly to counter a wave of air units.

○    To charge a spawn pad in VR, hover the move stick over the unit you want to prioritize, then hold the grab button until the move stick vibrates over the spawn pad.

○    Social Screen players charge a pad by highlighting the unit and holding until the DS4 controller vibrates.

  • Strategy is based on a simple to play, difficult to master mantra–should you wait for a powerful tank to charge, or immediately attack with an inexpensive recon unit that can distract the enemy while you prepare your big move?
  • There is a rock, paper, scissors system for units:

○   Infantry beats choppers but is weak vs. artillery and tanks

○   Tanks beat infantry, recon, and artillery but are weak vs. choppers

○   Choppers beats tanks and artillery

○   Artillery beats all other ground units but has weak defense and cannot attack choppers

○   Recon is weak vs. everything other than recon units

  • The VR player grabs an available unit with a Move controller and places it on the battlefield where it can be aimed to deploy against a particular enemy unit.

○   When VR players aim the unit at an enemy unit, the enemy is highlighted:

■   Green indicates the enemy the unit is most effective against

■   Blue means the unit doesn’t have a specific advantage

■   Red means the unit can’t be targeted.

  • The Social Screen player uses a DualShock 4 controller to select units to deploy from five spawn pads once they’re ready to spawn.
  • Game mechanics balance the VR player’s precise aiming at different targets via the VR interface against the Social Screen player’s unit deployment speed.

What else should I know?

  • LoW: VR Arena makes your PSVR a source of social—as opposed to solitary—entertainment.
  • In Arcade mode, the VR player can play against other players in the room, and everyone can see the action on the TV. Finally, there’s a great way to show off and share your PSVR with friends in a competitive environment!
  • Campaign mode takes 3-4 hours to play through, after which Campaign Plus unlocks (restarting the campaign vs. tougher AI while retaining everything the player has earned in the initial campaign).
  • VR players can create custom squads with up to 12 unique units; once created they can be used by either player.

○    Note that if you have multiple unique units for a squad type, those units will be spawned in the order they were acquired on that pad type—if you always want a certain squad, only create one unit of that type (e.g., Tank).

○    Commanders earn credits by winning battles that can be used to purchase squad units for custom squads.

  • Both players can also use any of eight possible preset commanders that are unlocked as you defeat them in Campaign mode. (Note that there’s also a ninth character that can be unlocked by completing all of the commanders’ story modes.).

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