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Step Into VR Photos Like Never Before with Uncorporeal Systems an Upcoming Holographic Photography Technology

New demo now available for HTC Vive users on Steam; Uncorporeal bridges the gap between 360 photos and true, image-­‐based VR  experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  – Uncorporeal Systems today unveiled a demo of its new Holographic Photography technology along with details on  its  upcoming  launch. Once launched, the new technology will enable anyone to step into a holographic, 3d panoramic photo and view it in true VR. The demo, available today for anyone with a HTC Vive headset on the Steam platform, lets users step into real-­‐world scale holographic images of iconic locations, enabling them to move within the image, side-­‐to-­‐side and back-­‐and-­‐forth, changing their perspective and allowing them to feel present in the location simply by moving their head.

Unlike other panoramic photos, Uncorporeal’s technology enables true scale, depth and parallax, so users can literally “step into a photograph” and be transported to locations around the world. In the near future, the technology will be integrated into Uncorporeal System’s offerings for creative partners and eventually will enable anyone with a prosumer camera or smartphone to take a simple series of ordinary photographs and convert them into a 3D panoramic scene that’s suitable for viewing across multiple VR platforms and head mounted displays – all on their own.

Prague Cathedral Uncorporeal

“Our team is thrilled with this technology because we’ve never experienced anything that quite makes you feel like you’re actually inside of a photo,” said Sebastian Marino, CEO and co-­‐founder of Uncorporeal Systems. “By creating a three-­‐dimensional environment, at real-­‐world scale, we’re able to give the viewer a sense of presence that is fundamentally missing from 360 degree panoramic experiences. Compared to traditional photogrammetry, our method requires an order of magnitude fewer images, making the process available to everyone and even quite fun.”


Previously  it  would  require  thousands  of  photographs,  an expert in   photogrammetry and thousands of dollars in software to create holographic images, but with Uncorporeal’s Holographic Photography technology, a DSLR camera or even a smartphone is all that’s needed to take an average of 20 panoramic photos and construct a complete 3D holographic image. The technology could be used in a number of fields such as travel and tourism, education and training, construction and more.    Or,by anyone wanting to share experiences from a recent trip, an important event or milestone like a wedding, birthday party or graduation.

The demo for HTC Vive is available today here and a web demo video is available here. For more background on the new technology, check out this Medium post from the Uncorporeal Systems executive team

About Uncorporeal Systems:

Based in San Francisco and New York, Uncorporeal Systems is known for its industry leading lightfield capture technology. This unique technology marks the first opportunity for VR filmmakers to tell roomscale character driven stories featuring real actors. For more information, go to


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