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Meraki Virtual Reality Studio stretches its wingspan

Meraki Virtual Reality Studio is one of India’s first providing Aerial and Virtual Reality videos and films for events, tourism, sports, advertisements, news, adventure, fiction, real estate and education. The company directs, shoots, edits and provides 360 degree entertainment, so that the viewer lives it in complete immersion.


Meraki VR made its first appearance with a concert film of the musician Hardwell’s performance in Mumbai in December 2015. The first appearance was soon followed by an after film of the Sunburn Festival, which takes place during the New Year’s eve, in Goa. This after film is now available for the public on YouTube and Facebook.

They create VR videos, which offer you to move the phone or drag the computer screen and get an immersive 360 degree view of the entire scene.  The videos and films make use of highly evolved and enhanced multimedia effects for this. The rich combination of animation, action, entertainment, 360 degree live feel can be sensed using VR headsets, browsers and applications. Further, the technology is mobile friendly.

Some of the works done by this team are :

•The short film ‘Strangers Again’ is one of their productions, which has been approved by Samsung. This video is available for viewing on MilkVR, which is one of the best platforms to view amazing VR videos. Watch the video ‘Strangers Again’ here:

•The two times #1 DJ in the world, Hardwell, performed in Mumbai, in December 2015. This performance was the first shoot of the team. They captured a 360 degree film of this performance. Watch the performance of Hardwell here:

• Mood Indigo, also known as ‘MoodI’, is the annual cultural Festival which is held during the December month in IIT Bombay. The event has become a big show and you can enjoy its 360 degree video, made by this team on their YouTube channel. This is the link to the video:

•Catch the glimpses of the Sunburn, Asia’s biggest music event with a VR video, released by this group on Facebook or YouTube. Here’s the link to it:

Their biggest project remains to come ‘on air’ and that is the Asia Cup, which was held in the February month of 2016. They covered the matches hosted between India v/s Bangladesh and India v/s Pakistan at Mirpur, Dhaka. They say it will offer the live stadium experience to the viewers!


They share their experiences and knowledge with the young talents of the country as seminars and workshops. They have conducted one at IIT Bombay.

The Virtual Reality industry has got the biggest cats investing in it such as Facebook, Samsung and Google. This November 2015 start up team of young and creative minds aims to give a new face to the entertainment industry with an immensely well crafted working plan.

For any queries or requirements, you can send a mail on

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

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