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This VR experience bring Jerusalem to life as it was in the 1st century CE

Lithodomos VR is a breakthrough virtual reality company that creates archaeologically accurate 3D reconstructions of the ancient world. Founded in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia, the company’s highly anticipated first app, Ancient Jerusalem in VR, is now available on Google Play for just $1.99USD and on the Apple store . The app brings Jerusalem to life as it was in the 1st century CE.  The reconstruction has been carefully researched by a team of archaeologists to ensure a responsible reconstruction. For this reason, the app can be considered not only for entertainment purposes but also as a useful tool for educators.


The Lithodomos VR team began by scoping the scenes. Then, they were able to develop a plausible framework of both the construction materials and architecture. Using a combination of cutting edge software platforms, they rebuilt the ancient city digitally. Lastly, the reconstruction was rigorously vetted and refined by archaeologists to ensure accuracy. The result is a breathtaking, 3D, photorealistic virtual reality experience of ancient Jerusalem.


The company is the brainchild of Simon Young, whose background is just as fascinating as his company. Simon recently completed his PhD thesis in archaeology, and is self-taught in 3D modelling. “Lithodomos VR was inspired by a burning desire to travel back in time and see the ancient world first hand. VR gave me the tools to do it,” he said. He also outlined what he feels makes his company unique. “What differentiates Lithodomos VR from the rest is our commitment to archaeological accuracy.” Those interested in covering the app’s  release, but without a VR headset readily available,  should not hesitate to contact Lithodomos VR to arrange a  demonstration.

Simon Young


A bit more about LithodomosVR

Lithodomos means stonemason in Ancient Greek. We are digital masons of today. We are archaeologists and artists, and we use technology to breathe life back into the ancient world through virtual reality. Importantly, our research allows us to re-create the ancient world using best practices, and our technology enables us to reconstruct ancient places or create immersive real-world spaces. Lithodomos VR will enhance the experience of any place, immerse visitors in a detailed exploration of artefacts and distribute this content to users all over the world.

More about the team : here 

onsite_product from Simon Young on Vimeo.


Download on Googleplay here

Download on Apple store here

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